One day I was with my one of best friend Allen and we both are very sad because we don’t have any work to do in our life, we are just like a bagger travel on road, then Allen asked says to bro I have an idea f you don’t mind then we can play some task in the casino where we both can spent our time easily and also win some money from the casino to enjoy our life, I thought for a minute then says ok to Allen.

Next morning we both were go to the city online casino, where w saw many people played the slot machine and pokier, there were also some poker stars 9 million winner, all peoples busy in their task. we also go to the poker table table and buys the chips from the dealer we won that hand and w were very happy with our victory of the poker hand, we won many from the pokers and also visited the slotting machine really slots were also a good event to play, but we take interest only in the poker table.

Poker is the variety name of the playing cards; it is gambling or betting type of game where many people sit around a table to play this awesome play, every buddy have their cards. the player who won the game keep all the money of betting , you can increase the betting price of the hand if you have good cards in your hand if your opinion is not interested to increase the bet then can play only with the last pervious bet base .

Of you want to play and earn fair money from the casino so can download the free apps of these game for free, you can also play these event without any kind of money no deposit and also without registration.