Devotee slot players follow what some believe to be the “slot tournament circuit”. These slot tournament chasers will attend the Hollywood Casino’s tournament and, a month later, at the Grand Casino in Tunica. Although very few of them continue to participate, they keep their eyes on the prize pool and the chance to win big in the tournaments.

While some of the most valuable secrets are kept by these people, there are a few things you can learn on your own. If you look at a slot tournament player, you’ll notice that they don’t drink before playing. It slows down their reflexes. To play the tournaments, many people use two hands and hit the button repeatedly to get as many hits as possible.

Some “winners” will stand instead of sitting during the tournament. This gives them more power to push the button multiple times. While many Champions of the Slot Tournaments may have other tricks, they rarely share them.

Many slot players believe that there is power in numbers. If they gamble with their significant others, they ask the host how many games they need to “invite” them to the invitational tournaments.

Although it might not be something you are interested in, you can get a place at the top prize of the tournament worth thousands of dollars. These tournaments offer big money and are worth looking into.

Online gambling is highly competitive. Every day new casinos are created, existing ones reorganize and change their owners. The supply is almost endless.

There are several circumstances that a player must consider when choosing a casino to play at.

o Do you like the casino’s look?

o Does it offer the games that I am interested in?

What do I know about the casino?

o Has anyone recommended it to you?

o Is customer service efficient and provides around-the-clock assistance?

o But, most importantly, I ask myself: What’s in it? What are THEY offering me to play at their casino?

Here are the Bonuses.

Online casinos will never offer any type of bonus.
Some casinos offer bonuses for first deposits, others offer loyalty bonuses, and some even offer rewards for 2nd and 3rd deposits.

We’ll now attempt to put some order into the constantly changing world of casino bonuses and explain what they all mean.

First deposit bonus:

Only players who have made their first deposit are eligible for this bonus. This bonus is often the most significant and most valuable bonus offered by a casino. They can find it at sites that offer rewards upto $ 1000$.

You must deposit a minimum amount to receive the bonus. The standard is between 4 and 12 times the bonus amount or combined bonus + deposit. For example, if 100$ was deposited and you received 100$, you must wager 800$ (4X(100$+100$).) to cash out. You can play the 200$ on the Roulette, win, put 400$ more, and finally cash out.

You should know the terms and conditions of each offer carefully. It will tell you how much is required and what games are excluded from the bonus play.

Second, third, etc. Deposit bonus:

The same rules apply, but all players can benefit from the bonus, even old-timers at the casino. (or more, depending on the casino).

Monthly Bonus:

You may be eligible for a bonus if you make your first deposit each month at some casinos.
The same rules apply here. Please refer to the T&C.

Comp points or Players Club:

Many casinos reward players with credits for money spent and allowed them to get money back for a set amount of points. The exchange rules will vary from one casino to the next.
You may be able to use your points to purchase merchandise or participate in private tournaments.

Use different depositing methods to get a bonus.

Some casinos offer extra bonuses of 10 to 15% if you use Citadel, NETeller, or any other similar service. This bonus is provided to help advance new methods and decrease dependence on credit cards.

You can get your losses back or additional winnings.

This bonus is rarer than others but allows you to get some back (usually around 10%). If you win, the casino will add to your winnings (usually about 1%).

VIP Clubs

Many casinos offer a VIP program that allows high-rollers and veterans to exchange points, get better exchange rates, play private games, and much more.

These are the most popular bonuses available today. Sometimes, casinos will offer something extra, such as a promotion for Christmas, Halloween, or another special occasion. You can find details regarding each of these promotions on the casino’s home page.

Before you can start playing, you must know one thing. That is, how to play.
We have a variety of gaming books to help you become a better player.

Best of luck!