The online version of casino games is considered an achievement by technology and Microgaming, as a pioneer in making this project possible. This software company has a history of more than twenty years in the gaming industry, its experience and professional staff in the area of technology, has allowed Microgaming to be considered as the first company to develop software for virtual casinos and launch it.

It was founded in the year 1994, but in the gaming industry, it has a great journey. All the performance has focused on offering a broad portfolio of developers who are responsible for providing virtual casinos, sports betting, live dealer, poker portals and bingo. However, it is a company that has always innovated its software, creating new games, with new features and making them more interactive. As part of the innovative techniques, Microgaming was in charge of launching the mobile version of the casino platforms to the market and took the credit for being the first software company to achieve it, for the year 2004. Therefore, this company hosts more than 350 titles for phones through the native application.

This company also has the credit for having developed the most extensive library of video poker games. It is also attributed a variety of titles of this game as it is unprecedented, it is capable of satisfying any expectation for players’ pate because it has a great variety of collection, including all the variants that anyone can imagine and in this way, users can have more options including the darkest ones.

In general, gambling fans can choose from twenty variants of poker, which in turn are found on different casino platforms that use Microgaming technology and are available in flash and download formats. Players can get these variants in multiple hands or single hand mode.

Qualities of video poker with Microgaming technology

Poker is one of the most popular gambling games in the casino industry, which is why the developers opted for simplicity when they decided to create a video poker collection. Its great attraction is the graphics, high definition and this company offer many variants in this regard, in an attempt to equal the terminals of the traditional machines of physical video poker. Players who are inclined towards authenticity can enjoy this option.

At the top of the screen of most variants of the game, is occupied by the pay tables that cover half, is also occupied by the amount of credit that players are able to accumulate, either by the amount of credit they get or the ranking of a winning combination and the hands that qualify for a payment. In these games, users can make some convenient adjustments regarding the value of the coin with which they placed a bet in a round, in the lower part of the screen using respectively the “+” and “-” buttons, then they should go to the table of payments and choose the number of credits that the player wants to bet on each hand.

One of the rules of the game is that in order to receive the five cards of your initial hand, players must click on Deal and in this way the game will begin. Auto Hold is a feature with a very interesting function.

If a player is awarded a higher ranking hand or receives a pair, it is a rule that the cards that comprise it automatically remain the same in the face cards that the software holds after the first deal is made. Both scenarios are performed automatically under one condition, and that is when the player has the expert mode activated.

After each game has been decided on the cards you are going to keep, you must receive the substitutes for the discards by clicking on the Draw button. But to receive your corresponding payment, you must expect that in the final hand appear in the table with the payments of the game, by clicking on the Collect button.

The double functionality is another of the most interesting features of this game, it is based on the possibility that players have to double their winnings instead of collecting them after a winning hand. For this, the player must try to steal a card whose value is higher than the online distributor, if the participant manages to do so, then the winnings of the last hand will be doubled, otherwise, he will completely lose the total amount.

Microgaming and its variety in the collection of the best video poker games

There are three main categories that classify the video poker game that carry the Microgaming software, they are multiline, standard and poker level. The first category is comprised of the titles that players can bet simultaneously between 4 and 100 hands and anywhere. While the standard is based on games in which users can place their bets in only one hand at a time, being this second category, the most traditional form of video poker:

  • BonusPokerDeluxe
  • Deuces Wild
  • All the aces
  • jacks or better
  • Aces and Faces
  • Louisiana Double
  • Deuces and Joker

Sites with Microgaming where you can play video poker

As this technology is one of the many software providers in the casino industry with more time in the market, it is logical that a large portion of the platforms that offer gaming services use Microgaming. Most casinos that use this technology, are characterized by the option to install a downloadable client compatible with several systems including Windows today or opt for the game instantly

This technology is also considered one of the founding fathers of eCOGRA, the most popular agency that is responsible for testing and security certifications by qualifying hundreds of online casino platforms with their seal of approval to consider their fair and reliable operators. Below, a small list of websites where you can play video poker with Microgaming technology and choose the most suitable or the one that best suits your needs:

  • Betway Casino
  • Roxy Palace
  • UK Casino Club
  • HipĆ³dromo Casino
  • 32Red

Microgaming’s Echo in Time

Ah, Microgaming! Not just a whisper in the vast halls of casino magnates. This is a name etched in gold – synonymous with unyielding quality, steadfast reliability, and audacious innovation. One imagines a group, heads down, fueled by an insatiable quest for the epitome of perfection. They’re not mere participants; they’re trailblazers, carving paths through the thickets of the ever-adapting gaming landscape.

Dive deeper, and what do you unearth? It’s not just the glitz, the glamour, the auditory delights that beckon gamers. The connoisseurs, those with discerning tastes, they lean in for the meat of the matter. The intricate algorithms, the principles of fair play seamlessly woven into every pixel and byte of a Microgaming masterpiece. It’s art, but with mathematical precision, ensuring that players don’t merely flirt with chance but dance with curated experiences.

But wait, there’s more. Microgaming isn’t confined by the pixelated walls of its games. Oh no. Their ethos? It bleeds, sprawls, and permeates beyond. With a world pivoting to the palm-sized screens of mobiles, they’ve been adept. Their prowess ensures that whether you’re nestled with a laptop or hustling with a handset, your gaming experience loses none of its luster.

Why do folks flock to them, you ask? Trust. In a realm often shrouded in skepticism, Microgaming emerges – a lighthouse. Not just because their games are snazzy, but their integrity is unshakeable. Their handshake with eCOGRA isn’t merely a business move. It’s a testament, a vow of their unwavering commitment to a just and accountable gaming cosmos.

This isn’t just about coins and codes. It’s a fervor, a fiery zeal. A tribe of gamers awaits, breath bated, for every Microgaming marvel. To them, it’s not just another game. It’s a fresh odyssey, a new tale waiting to be told.

But hold on, the tapestry of Microgaming is vast. They’re not just champions in their arena. They’re architects, pivotal in molding the very bedrock of online gaming. They didn’t just raise the bar; they morphed it, set it aflame with standards of transparency and user intimacy.

Peering ahead, the horizon gleams with promise. As the digital sands of time shift, Microgaming’s footprints remain indelible. They’ve done more than craft games. They’ve sown dreams, showcased that when tech prowess marries genuine concern for users, what you get isn’t just magic. It’s timeless wonder.