Since the invention of computers, it has been a work-in-progress to create verbal commands that computers can understand. Voice command has many applications, and innovators are perfecting the technology. It is now possible to use reliable, efficient voice commands more often. Mobile access is becoming a standard feature in casinos.

Recent advances in voice recognition for smartphones have allowed users to activate functions, search applications, and transcribe text messages. Inconsistencies and inaccuracies in execution were the main problems of the past. Phones can now use voice commands to communicate more than basic instructions, such as searching for contacts. Vlingo, ShoutOut, and Dragon are phone applications that can understand search queries and convert people’s speech into text messages.

Businesses recognize these technological advances and make plans to use voice commands to enhance their products. Online casinos are one industry that is ready to use voice recognition software. Lucky Blackjack spoke directly to developers at internet gambling sites about bringing such features to their websites. Software that interprets a voice into digital information and computes the sounds is used to complete the process. Online casinos consider this technology for players who access their games via mobile phones. This audio command control technology will soon be used to play mobile games such as poker and blackjack.

Slot of Emoticons

Enjoy the EmotiCoins Slot. You will enjoy the excitement of using bold, animated gestures daily. This slot will always bring you great rewards.

This slot surprises us again, as it exceeds our expectations. Microgaming is the casino developer responsible for this slot. It has a lot to offer, including entertainment and animation. You can easily do all of this, and it is elementary.

Emoticoins Slot Design

EmotiCoins offers five reels, three columns, and forty pay lines. The online slot features a theme of adventure and gestures. You can listen to a lively soundtrack whenever you win a combination.

EmotiCoins offers a variety of smiley face symbols and cards. The coin sizes vary from 0.30 to 30.00 credits depending on the game. It is well constructed, with excellent graphics, animation, and profit distribution. This makes it easier for the player to develop in the slot machine.

You can earn big rewards with the Wilds in EmotiCoins’ slot machine. You can either get scatters or free games. You can also choose between an automatic or manual mode in this slot. You can use this feature to play the space as you wish.

Playing Emoticons Slot

Wild Blast is a feature of the EmotiCoins slots. Once you create a new spin, you will instantly receive five wilds. It also offers the function of a scatterer, represented by the LOL image. Once you have found three scatter icons or more, it will be activated.

You will notice the Free Spins feature unfolding when the scatter feature begins. You will receive ten free spins. Sticky wilds will be available during the ten spins between the numbers 3, 5, 7, and 9. This will increase your chances of winning.

Similar to the Microgaming slot, you’ll also find the initial wild stickers and the scatter bonus. You can also get a free shot and a sticky joker.

This online slot has the same wild symbol as the others. This will let you replace icons that don’t offer winning combinations with the Scatter. Register at your favorite casino to receive a welcome bonus and play the EmotiCoins slots machine.